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April 2010

Print advertisment created by Y&R, Colombia for Tampa, within the category: Transport.

The sky is a safer place to be.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Bogota, Colombia
Executive Creative Director: Rafa Barthaburu
Creative Directors: Jaime Duque, Victor Osorio
Art Directors: Jaime Duque, John Mondragon
Copywriter: Rafa Barthaburu, Juan Valdivieso
Producer: Carlos Toro
Illustrators: Pacho Borja, Jaime Duque

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the_lizard_king's picture
Activity Score 1257

Nice illustration but not a very interesting thought. Overall 6/10

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

pez's picture
Activity Score 1804

how can you say this is 6/10, o 9/20 o 5/14?... i found this "qualification" thing a little.......meaningless..
you can like it, you can hate it... but, what are you based on to say this is 6/10?... i'm really interested on that

ivan's picture

This ten stars rating is pretty standard in advertising used by several agencies including JWT or Leo Burnett. Here is what we mean by it on AotW borrowed from JWT:

1 star: Damaging. The work is damaging to the client and the agency.
2 stars: Wasteful. People will avoid this work. It's a waste of clients and agency's resources.
3 stars: Boring. Both the idea and the execution is ordinary. The customer will tune out before it's finished.
4 stars: Predictable. Soundly executed but bland. People have seen it before and will get to the end of message before you do.
5 stars: Competent. The idea is told an interesting way or it is well executed. People will give you the time to complete your message.
6 stars: Rewarding. This work will get noticed. People will feel rewarded having spent time with it. Its impact will linger longer than the duration of the message.
7 stars: Innovative. This is innovative work and the best example of its category in its region. People will want to see it again.
8 stars: Market Leading. This is the best work in its category in the world. It leads the market and people will rethink their perception of the brand and the category.
9 stars: World Class. This work competes with the very best ideas in the world. People are talking about it. It will make the brand, client and agency famous.
10 stars: World Beating. This sets a new standard in the world of communications. It is an entirely new idea that is highly involving. It is being talked about worldwide.

Here is Leo Burnett's system, which is very similar:
1 – Appalling
2 – Destructive
3 – Not competitive
4 – Cliché
5 – Innovative strategy
6 – Fresh idea
7 – Excellence in craft
8 – Big idea
9 – New standard in creativity
10 – Best in the world

Blashyrkh's picture
Activity Score 32890

Looks like there's a lot of fun.

advertising ninja's picture
advertising ninja
Activity Score 616

well, like pilots, flight crews, all those guys who work in the ground crew never party.. honestly i was expecting a 3rd one with that, and an ad for teleportation industry. and the line should read "disintegration is the salvation"..

mauroxxx's picture
Activity Score 539

That doesn't work in real life man, because to understand that 3rd ad you're saying people will have to see one of the first 2 ads first, before that 3rd, and that's something agencies can't control, they just "throw" each one of the ads independently on different magazines. What will happen wth the people who see that 3rd add before the other 2?

you NEVER see a whole 3 ads campaign in the same magazine one after the other. Each one of the ads should say the same clear message withouth the help of any other piece of the campaign.

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Activity Score 1387

Why do they all have to do with prostitution??...this campaign has a very insightful path but it walked halfway. More interesting and varied situations would have made this campaign better...its fresh, and that is good.