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no to pretty much all the lines

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Renan Correa
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not good, not bad... If you choose to make a campain with titles, it must be VERY good.



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Well said.

And someone please explain how it's the "smarter" way to movies? Convenient, yes. More comfortable, yes. But smarter?

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weak strategy. why shouldn't I get a dvd,vhs,download,whatever?

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Yeah, concept is good but the copy needs to be smarter...

Don't try to stand out of the crowd; avoid crowds altoghether.

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I guess they're targeting to the masses. Any smarter somebody might miss it.

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Thanks for proving once again that a do it in your underwear at home line is still garbage.

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This is junior school advertising!

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Guest commenter

Actually not true, I've been to a city theatre in just my tightie whities (in fact I built a whole evening around my "wardrobe malfunction") and not been thrown out. No joking. Absolutely true. So there you have it folks. You should try it some time.

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^^ awesome. trying it tonight.