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I want to eat a pizza!

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hmmmm...symbol for a radiation WMD or nuclear weapon

murali duggineni

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But Tabasco isn't dangerously hot. Maybe if it were for a different hot sauce brand.

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Totally agree. Which is the problem with most Tabasco ads, even the ones that have won awards. They all focus on the heat, when Tabasco's real strength is it's taste. I'm a pretty big hot sauce guy, and although there are better vinegar sauces out there, Tabasco takes a lot of pride in how they make it. The ingredients, etc. It's a very cared-for product. But it takes a lot of talent to turn a true story like that into an award.


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Roger Keynes
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Not clear

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Forced too much to fit the idea and product. There is no correlation between hotness of pizza and danger (radioactive icon). It may be even understood as "the pizza includes carcinogen additives?"

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It's pretty good. You'll never sell it to a client, though, they'll have comments like those before me. But it's good regardless.

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not bad for award school, but I can't believe they gave you a tabasco brief.

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Phil Lestino
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I kinda like this....and I think a lot of the comments are unnessecarily picky....for student work it's good.
True when he get's out in the big bad world the client will be picky...but until then relax

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ahahah... nice metaphor, but which client will actually have his brand associated with nuclear weapons?! good effort tho!

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bad astronaut
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The same client who agreed to have a mosquito blow up after drinking the blood of a guy who puts Tabasco on his pizza.

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yummy.. nice..

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I do not think radiation sign means the same as the symbol of hot surfaces. Nice try anyway.

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Schools should stop giving tabasco briefs as well as lego briefs, axe briefs, wonderbra briefs and condom briefs. Those kind of ads don`t look good on a trainee portfolio

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Sven Gali
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The reason why this ad doesn't work is the symbol used is for NUCLEAR WASTE more than radoiactive hot--not nuclear hot but radioactive waste. They missed the mark on this one.

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bad astronaut
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There are hot sauces and buffalo wings that refer to themselves as being they didn't really miss the mark.

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Activity Score 4172

I want to eat a pizza!

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disgusting in all senses

: l

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Dev Kumar
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Ha...crazy piece of imagination.

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Yeah, it works...but radiation...mmm. Not sure about that association