March 2014

This year the ocean's biggest killer will be the rubbish you leave behind. Help us protect our precious coastlines, marine animals and seabirds and join a SAS beach clean near you.

Advertising Agency: H&J, London, UK
Creatives: Stuart Jackson, Gareth Hopkins
Photographer / Retoucher: Martin Brent

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.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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yep! so done

Keep calm and get a Pencil! or a Lion!

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It's not really copied. The topic is same but I wouldn't say that they are ripoffs.

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cool looking concepts.

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Brilliant concept, beautifully done, brilliant cause, Jeeez what's not to like here!

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That guy from t...
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That is has been done so many times and in way less forced ways.

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Haters gonna hate I guess. I say respect to the team for a skilled and highly original campaign. It must be working, I just pledged to refuse carrier bags at the stores!

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Are you sure you aren't part of the team behind this? This concept is nothing original and has been done to death.

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Art director please take note: your body copy is not kerned nicely. And to the writer: it's "an" before SAS.

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Cheers for the comments all. This was something that came about with some photography captured by a friend of ours during a diving holiday. We hadn't seen the reference shared but yes, there are similarities. Our brief was pretty simple: dramatise the threat posed by single use plastic bags to marine life. We like to think we brought this to life effectively.

@Marcao Always welcome feedback. Can assure you @Chisholm isn't part of the team (thanks for your comments though @Chisholm and for taking the pledge).

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Just revisiting this, the 5p bag charge is now a reality and these are still great ads.