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I thought these were going to be for the Discovery Channel. I'm not real impressed by these now that I see they are for Camel cigs.

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May i know what is the brand of camel? anti-Tobacco?

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Camel cigarettes. Tobacco. You must be living on Mars! :)

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you're smart, i was a traveller, came from mars and i just reach earth.
seriously i thought camel is a clothing brand until u remind me thats cigar.
thanks ivan....(my mind was so clean that i don't have cigar in mind)

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Well i guess it's become mandatory for Tobacco products to carry a health Warning.

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Replace the Camel logo with any other logo and it has the same effect: a mediocre campaign without any real benefit.

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It's a cigarette! What 'benefit' should they be pushing, might I ask?

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im not saying they should...i dont even think they should be able to advertise....but, the fact that they do doesnt mean everything and anything they pump out is good.

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Everyone says that, but the point is they did it first.. and when people say oh, lets do it with a shadow
someone else would say, oh like that Camel ad?

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actually..these ads have the same layout and typography as visa and many other ads of today.

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as I said concernig the raindrops ad, it´s when you take a cigarrette break that you can see everything more calmly and relax. this wouldn´t be fit for any brand. though it´s not exclusively camel either, i think works fine for cigarrettes. if they sponsor art or fotography events i think they´d be wrapping it up!

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isnt it hard to show a "benefit" from cigarettes?
cig advertising is all about an image.
silk cut, the old b&h work from london, even alot of camel work....all image based and strong.
there's no benefit that can be said of smoking though. other than avoiding briefings with mediocre suits.

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Boony wants a beer
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Cut Silk sucked and so does this.

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Discover more cancerous cells? Discover more rotten teeth?

Cigarette advertising is like this ad; so 80's and so [****]-edited by admin for bad language.

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by the way, the atmosphere of this piece of ad give me a thought of cancer people was awaiting to......die.

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Jenny, you are funny. I agree with you.

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haha, thank you.

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camel has tried to start something of an absolut campaign. but this somehow doesnt work, despite the fact they are trying to build a visual brand property.

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totally agree that these ads suck.
but it's so damn superfluous to repeat this "replace the logo with any other logo and you get another mediocre campaign" stuff.
i mean just turn the fantastic bravia commercial (the first one) into a philips LCD screen commercial by changing the logo ('cause what is bravia's specific benefit anyway? great colours? wow)

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I don't agree with the argument that an ad is not strong coz if you replace a logo and put a competitor's it will work just the same. I think all credit go to the people who did it first.
A big % of the ads here can change ownership by replacing logo.

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excellent...very nice !! :)