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Activity Score 1313

haha. funny and tricky! Hope this oil will stay on the pan LOL

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Ad Analyst

Its good Concept but weak execution. The background is interrupting the idea.

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Paul R. Byrne
Activity Score 19

I can almost hear the "but how will people know what to use the product for without showing food?" conversation now.

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Activity Score 468

i dont understand the idea can u guys explain the idea to me?

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Activity Score 998

Look at the oil in the bottle.

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Activity Score 468

it is so light that it will float but
terrible photoshop

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Activity Score 998

Yes I agree.

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Activity Score 998

Great idea, terrible execution.

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Activity Score 2618

Plain background will do..

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Activity Score 618

Done a lot of times...

This for example :

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Activity Score 137

And by 10 beer's brands

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Nike Diesel
Activity Score 13630

and other light products as well...

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Activity Score 11

Vay mınakoyim yine çalmışınız ya. Babalar internet diye bir şey var artık çalmayın, hırsız mısınız nesiniz? Bi de düzgün çalın bok gibi olmuş.

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Siddarth Basavaraj
Activity Score 1673

i like the idea...execution is what putting the "airborne oil" to its place!!

Love creating ads..

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your mom
Activity Score 737

son, dont do this again

Don't argue with your mom!

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Activity Score 519

Unfortunately, done before.