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Maybe it's just me, but... I get a somewhat racist vibe from this ad. That's if the message is what I think it is - "beat the Japanese at their own game".

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I would disagree. I see it as saying "We teach Japanese karate, and karate teaches you to break things in half."

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i swear man,
this is so pathetic on the part of the crtv grp which churned this ad out. what made them think that me (or for that reason, anybody)would consider learning karate/jujitsu from a place that doesn't only denounces the Japs but also presents themselves in the poor light of racism.
hell, i'd like to see these guys come out with the ad in a mainline Jap magazin/daily/poster.
i dare them to.

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Disco Munky
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This ads is just stupid no racist.

The flag should be ripped, not cracked.

What sort of cloth cracks.....apart from bed sheets.....what?

Doin' it for the points

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this is not racist, it's rather disrespectful. on the other hand, the japanese flag has been abused in so many ads so i doubt that any japanese would really feel offended by this shallow one.
i also doubt that the karate guys had enough money to run this double spread in more than one magazine, so who cares anyway...

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i want to learn karate @ Halswanter, fly to japan and split their heritage in two.

is this ivan posting these kinds of ads lately to show the ugly side of advertising. i guess its not


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