All 4 the Corners

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May 2010

Print advertisment created by Leo Burnett, Australia for Subaru, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Directors: Andy DiLallo, Jay Benjamin
Art Directors: Gary Dawson, John-Henry Pajak
Copywriter: Gary Dawson
Retoucher: Eye Candy Pictures/Cream
Designer / Typographer: Masataka Kawano

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akshaysrikar's picture
Activity Score 420

Copy = Beauty.

TommyO's picture
Activity Score 1866

I wouldn't know, I gave up in the middle.

mosho's picture
Activity Score 298

same here gave up
i don't like long copies

Mohamed El Mahdy

robbierae's picture
Activity Score 84

i love long copy. but the art director of this ad doesn't

keithstoeckeler's picture
Activity Score 425

I like the copy, but seems like the cigar band should be a true cigar band and run the entire bottom. Just bottom-right as it is cuts the image.

Phil Lestino's picture
Phil Lestino
Activity Score 1684

Nice it open top car? Copy is very ordinary.......

Guest's picture

The copy is excellent. It's too rare !

Guest's picture

Probably not in a "contemporary style" and therefore hard to judge it.

However this reminds me of an old and famous jack daniel's whiskey ad.

It's too rare, totally agree.

Guest's picture

LOVE the copy ..i like long copies..when they get it across just the way they should and dont sound verbose just for the sake of it..this one is nice and works really well with the art.. to think of it, it actually looks like a pretty piece of art..more than just an advert! ..dunno if thats good or bad for the brand though :O

Guest's picture

i like them too. They have a level of sophistication, and in true tradition of long copy, they're actually quite short.

advartco's picture
Activity Score 10

like a vespa ad

michelangelo's picture
Activity Score 660

it could've been done better with a little more effort from the typographer

Guest's picture

i like the copy if it involves you and it does and the negative space gives a real good feel to the whole ad ...

flurl's picture
Activity Score 97

Copy started out great, I was actually excited for an ad about a car that outlined the BENEFIT of the product not the features. The sensation of driving to those places you couldn't before. The exhiliration of the wild.

Then, perhaps ironically, it swerved and power slid into a brick wall, reminding us that this is just another ordinary car ad that's gonna list some more features. Seems like the copywriter went out to lunch and the art director finished their paragraph.

Good ad. Unoriginal though.