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November 2012

Print advertisment created by Publicis, France for Stihl, within the category: House, Garden.

Only 88 decibels.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
Chief Creative Officer: Olivier Altmann
Creative Director: Frédéric Royer
Copywriter: Didier Aerts
Art Director: Alexandra Offe
Account managers: Stéphane Gaillard, Benjamin Merllié, Sylvie Tavares
Photographer: Michelle Lox

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lucie123's picture
Activity Score 604

wicked but cute. But wicked. But cute. :)

suresh90's picture
Activity Score 620

Cool visual and concept :)

Tuco's picture
Activity Score 289

Finally an Idea.

Tuco's picture
Activity Score 289

Finally an Idea.

ErickStow's picture
Activity Score 69

Great concept! I think it would be nice to see more of the chainsaw, though.

Grrrr's picture
Activity Score 1961

OK, a decaying bough, a chainsaw, eight birds and eighty eight decibels... I would wait for other executions...

sacrilegend's picture
Activity Score 3394

Love this.

NicoCiego's picture
Activity Score 1033

Great concept. I wish they could have done more versions

alausa's picture
Activity Score 1420

I swear, going by some crappy stuff we see with dozens of executions.

This is a cry to the team, please squeeze the last drop out of this before some agency from some continent I decline to mention, does mouthwatering, high budget versions.

DesignDine's picture
Activity Score 1313

I like it. A lot better than other thousands of rootless works!

Siddarth Basavaraj's picture
Siddarth Basavaraj
Activity Score 1673

Why's that always less noise makes more noise? Great ad BTW ;)

Love creating ads..

seolmin Park's picture
seolmin Park
Activity Score 16

cool idea!! and visual!!

michele123's picture
Activity Score 414

ah ah ah, love this one !

Rt_solo91's picture
Activity Score 119

i didn't see the chainsaw at first so i really didn't understand it, but this is great

Azad7's picture
Activity Score 12

So am I,haha~~~

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 51044

The birds are going to make more noise than the Chainsaw, great!!!

chamindarathnayake's picture
Activity Score 377

Super i like....

Chaminda Rathnayake

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
Activity Score 13630

Simple and clever.

giovannicarneiro's picture
Activity Score 62

In an age where words: ecology, green, are the watchwords and where the product, chainsaw, is already viewed with suspicion, cut the branch where the birds there is at least unsympathetic! Could the concept tratuzir otherwise! I think it was a shot in the foot!

michele123's picture
Activity Score 414

this is not for real, this is an ad !
Don't worry, I'm sure no animals were harmed in the making of this ad :-)

ErikV's picture
Activity Score 354

Why are you talking about ecology here ? If you want to talk about ecology, cutting an old branch. Is good for the tree.
This ad is simple and great to me. Love this.

bohemian's picture
Activity Score 44

No noise! we cut trees like a proffesional assasin.

bohemian's picture
Activity Score 44

calm down gentlemen

meistershalis's picture
Activity Score 144

Spot on!!

Shridevi's picture
Activity Score 184

Did not understand.

Picky1's picture
Activity Score 236

It's lame. Those birds are not scared by a guy on his platform (or ladder), cutting a branch with a chainsaw, so close to them ? Blind birds, probably. But ok, let's say they're not afraid of the dude. Anyway, I have another problem with this ad :

it is a remake of a Siemens campaign (gold lion at Cannes a few years ago) :

Replace the 2 chess players by 8 birds and the silent chainsaw by a silent vacuum cleaner and you will get exactly the same campaign.