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Err... so he "locked" a squid in his head, right? Well, ok...

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And so he became the Squid-Man, a new breed of Super-Hero-kind-of-thing.


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I think the idea was the bad smell that comes from not well locked food, I like the advert, very funny!

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The idea is nice - it's the line that's throwing it all off. A smell doesn't get locked in your nose, it gets stuck in your nose. So it's hard to make the connection with 'lock' straight away.

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Having squid and other animals growing out of one's nose and ear is socially acceptable now. Teenie says so.

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Only if you've a wedge of lemon in your mouth.

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that's frickin' davey jones after a shave man..

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oouuh... awful. abhorrent art direction.

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I think its really clever but agree the line is a bit of an after thought.

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very nice photo

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excelente dirección de arte.

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a bent visual that supports a straight line like 'lock it in the right place'
what's the worst that could happen to you/what's the worst experience you'd be stuck with if you didn't lock it in the right place.
*then think of a interesting way to express it figuratively

hmmm. the visual and the line don't connect.