July 2006

I'm not crazy about the art direction or the copy, but it's a good use of optical illusion for advertising. You have to look at them at full size to get the effect.

They felt more than what you've seen.
Help the earthquake victims in Jogja and Middle Java!

Advertising Agency: Jentera Intermedia, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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chippery's picture
Activity Score 94

nice trick, but lacks the emotion needed to make it fully effective. That said, I'm sure it'll build awerness effectively, so maybe that's enough.

Mo's picture
Activity Score 648's kind a interesting may be...But this Optical illusion idea been done too many times....

writergeekdez's picture
Activity Score 255

I always get optical illusion stuff from friends via's a great way to waste time here at work. As an ad trying to shed light on tragedy, I'm not sure if it works. Where's the humanity?

papanaya's picture
Activity Score 6

making remember with martini ads, but nice try

MADE in the USA's picture
MADE in the USA
Activity Score 434

From my limited and humble opinion. Unfortunate idea with a soft message. I’m left with nothing to think about and nothing to care about.

tsunamilaw's picture
Activity Score 115

I agree...think the impact and serious tone of the ad doesn't really show.