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I knew it. Someone would eventually figure out where to use the bent spoon visual.

This is just great. Fantastic.

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I'm sorry but I don't think these come close to the original Economist ads done by AMV. Judging by the previous comments, the ad is clearly ambiguous so I don't think they're too successful

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"clearly ambiguous"

now that's a thought. :)

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The message is: Reading The Economist = Being Smart. Being Smart = Having Brainpower.

Anyway, The Economist ads are known to leave a lot of room for you to figure things out by yourself. It doesn't apologize for being ambigious.

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Heavily inspired from "Matrix"??? Naaahh din like this...

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MADE in the USA
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MADE in the USA
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Me ( clapping ) for A. Davies.
Wow ( Chole ) is there a chance that you need some alone time.
Its O.K. just take the little pill...everything will be..just fine. no it's O.K. go ahead...take the little pill, everthing will be much better if you just take the little pill.

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Whatever you say, man. Just like the ad featured, you're "clearly ambiguous," as Example (above) eloquently put it.

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"Or does it say no spoonfeeding required???"

Meh so that was it. I'm no native English so I didn't this word can be used about giving information.

I'm no hater so I thought the Matrix allusions were quite funny. Far-fetched, but funny.

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Umber Jamber
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You know, the Economist ads are smart. And they're popular, because they assume you're smart and they don't care if you don't get it. Because an economist read would get it.

This ad is not copying anything. The first poster has no idea what he's talking about. Apparently the years of economist ads went unnoticed by that person.

This is a great example of an established campaign continuing the dialogue. Yes, you have to know the economist campaign to get it. And no, that's not a bad thing.

If you don't get the spoon reference, well, then this ad is not for you.

(And no, it's not a Matrix reference.)