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November 2009

Spid will look after your baby. But not that baby.

Advertising Agency: DDB New Zealand

Print advertisment created by DDB, New Zealand for Spid, within the category: Professional Services.

Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Creative Director: Adam Kanzer
Art Director: James Conner
Copywriter: Christie Cooper
Director of Photographer: The Collective Force
Photographer: The Collective Force
Production: Our Production Team
Retoucher: Gordon Moir
Account Manager: Sophie Martignier

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Something wrong with the visual message. In a babysitting ad, if there is one baby, I am ready to accept the adult as the "sitter"... And this one in pictures is not a proper one. Can't explain well but don't like it.

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That's disgusting.

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Come on guys and girls. Thats nice. Sure definatelly not for fathers cose as a father I hate it. But as a man...that works:)

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daniel ieraci
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This one's so wrong its right.

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leaving the idea beside (which i neither like nor really get) the horrid thing about this is: it's an advertisement for a photographer. and yet rarely in my life have i ever seen a worse photographic-niveau than this.

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No hablo mucho inglés, será por eso que no alcanzo a entender bien el mensaje. Alguien me explica?

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This is absolutely inappropriate. The gay is looking at dirty pictures in front of a baby and the stain on the floor looks like sperm????!!!! Get out of here!

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Honest Dave
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I agree

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Silvi Hola, la idea aquí es jugar en la palabra bebé, lo que significa que su hijo, así como su proyecto en la publicidad, de modo que el individuo desempeña en la idea de que no puede ser tan bueno en el cuidado de un niño, pero cuando se trata a la fotografía publicitaria que es el mejor!
Por cierto, no sé el idioma español, pero he usado la herramienta Lenguaje de los servicios de Google Translate para escribir esta respuesta :)))

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Hola F. Abboud. Entendí perfectamente tu explicación y ahora sí tiene sentido para mí esta campaña-.
Now i get it! I perfectly understand your explanation. Thanks!

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Actually I like the headline :)) funny and bold ;)

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Very funny

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copy has double meaning, one is funny

while 2ndly they are trying to say that, as every CD, AD consider their assignment their baby, spid will look after that baby


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