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... me no likey.

there seems to be a lot more potential than these.

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These are quite nice but aren't they a bit too funky for the target audience?

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n by target audience you mean?...

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A sweet campaign. But the art direction for the ad could be pushed a lil further. Intelligent strategy tho

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Seems nice...But I remmeber a tv commercial with a simmilar idea like this. On the film we see distorted sound waves coming from everywhere. So they were not comig in smooth soundwave shapes. And this black guys enters to his living room, turns his stero on and the perfect sound waves come alive, they flow on the air with the perfect shape. I can't recall the brand... but it may be B&O or something.

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I think it was Bose. Was definitely better than this.

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But I love the idea,I mean it`s really like this.

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chamberlin ukenedo
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this idea is fantastic, I can imagine a tv adaptation of this material.