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Photoshop 101-ish. Creative is off and that fish is probably dead sitting on the sand...

I think, therefore... yeah.

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A subtle feeling is conveyed in this concept. Though far from mind-blowing, it may resonate with the audience. Or it may just suck a*s, I really can't tell.

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does that dude have socks on? haha... interesting idea, but the overcast sky and sharp (wrong) shadows of the people are what kill me

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ahahaha i think he does!

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What's that :)

İyi Reklam, Kötü Reklam

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he kay ahe baba koni sangel kay ya pamrala

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This one is better than the jeans...

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'chart your own course' doesn't make sense with this image. it sounds pretty generic for a tag as well.

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Wow. Lighting and depth of field are huge problems in this ad, not to mention the beginner photoshop. The shirt collar has 3 light sources hitting it, none of which are the artificial light source hitting our happy couple. Speaking of the couple... For anything that far away from the 'camera' to be tack sharp, everything beyond the couple needs to be of the same sharpness due to the physics of photography. Stepping outside that results in fake looking people on a beach. BTW, we should be able to see the sun in this image given the angle of the shadow on the couple.

That said... I think the concept for the campaign has merit, but the execution is killing it (pun intended).

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Usually I like to comment on details, for example the wrinkles are shaded in the opposite way of the rest of the objects.

But this... This is college student photoshop... maybe!

The shadow of the couple is awful, the plants have no shadows, there is no sun, you should have replaced the sky, the couple should be a bit bigger, there is camera focus everywhere(!), the shirt merges horribly with the sand (i would prefer no sand whatsoever).

Okay, the graphic designer was not that good, wasn't there an art director??

And I cannot see how the copy relates to this ad.

It has potential, but as the Guest said the execution is killing it

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really really horrible! that sky is horrible!