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May 2010

Print advertisment created by Bauer, United Kingdom for Sony, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Bauer Media, London, UK
Art Director: Duncan Woods
Photographer: Morgan Silk
Photographer's agent: Vue
Hair & Makeup: Amanda Green

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without those glasses it could be every normal tv set. but showing no 3d tv set in an ad for it is a brave idea

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it only says that this woman is watching a 3D tv, that's all, there is no big idea, nothing to catch people attention.

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Well, if you haven't noticed, it shows strong emotions of the people watching! The agency/Sony wants to convey the message that it really is an extra-ordinary experience compared to "normal" TV, and that is well done in the ads, I think. (without being very much interested in 3D TV myself...)

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In this ad, they abused of the Sharpen Tool in Photoshop.

That's fake HDR and it looks very cheap.

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i know the key is in the reflection but i can barely see it! i dont understand :S

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I really can't shake the feeling that these type of execution has been done time and time again.
but I like the pictures. The reason why they showed up so much detail like wrinkles and stuff must be a nod that these TV sets show pictures in HD.

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Well if you look at her outfit and face
you kinda feel that she is in the character in the film
maybe thats the catch there