Paper bags, 1

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July 2008

Print advertisment created by E21, Brazil for Sommer, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: e21, Brazil
Creative Director: Ricardo tronquini
Art Directors: Ricardo Tronquini, Tiago Junqueira
Copywriter: Matheus Lehembauer
Illustrator: GRB
Photographer: Fabian Gloeden
Production: Mariza Finck

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SeanMartin's picture

Very cool series, great concept for the photographer, and wonderful art direction. The little details are great fun.

picopalqlea's picture
Activity Score 999

what's the concept?

bauer's picture
Activity Score 126

For me the concept is clear, the "sommer people" versus the "boring people" with the papper bags

Audrius Kubrik's picture
Audrius Kubrik
Activity Score 828

boring parents, kool kids. i'm neither, but it's a bit insulting.

bauer's picture
Activity Score 126

i don't think it refers to parents. Look at the third ad the "parent" is playing playstation?! This is more like a student republic or something like that.

Audrius Kubrik's picture
Audrius Kubrik
Activity Score 828

ok, he does play a video game, but if i didn't get the chance to see the 3rd one? the rest 3 have no such "student republic" clues at all ( to my eyes at least...)

pedrera's picture
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marton.santos's picture
Activity Score 37

freelancers are amateurs...sorry man...get a job.

aintnobusy's picture
Activity Score 30

bauer ... in d third ad no ones playin play station .... d parent is at the basin :)

kristy's picture
Activity Score 7

Is the idea that the paper bag people are the boring versions of their hipper, "Sommer" selves? If so I think I like the concept, and I do like to photography and art direction, but they don't quite fit together, there may have been a clearer way to execute.