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we're supposed to believe a folded resume will balance a chair? that's crap. Everyone knew this was a stretch but said "eh, we need another one, just run it"

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I think this works. :)

Having spent my younger days with poorly made furniture.

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better without carpet

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how is this a stretch? it's perfectly logical.

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This is the best one of the three. Most realistic. I can perfectly imagine some CVs can perfectly do that.

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i think this is the most realistic of them all. you DO use scrap paper you dont need or care about to balance a chair, a table or whatever.

"there's nothing more difficult than a line"p.picasso

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may be a few folds more would make it believable not really.. this heavy a chair and with the carpet present it is improbable that balancing by a few folds of paper is required..look again.

too fastidious ...i know.

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Ndukwe Onuoha
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You know, I don't think the paper's balancing the chair. It's there to avoid the chair leg from making a mark on
the carpet.

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