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funny, I like it. They should have printed it though on the newspaper - even sprayed with a stencil - instead of using photoshop.

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That's so funny! A point well illustrated.


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I like these headlines. Reminds me of the econo lodge billboards I've seen, which were also student work.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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The return of "mother of all typefaces." Futura Extra Bold Condensed!
Atually, Nike is back to using that font again after all these years. But I digress..
Painfully formulaic writing style for ads of this genre. But still very funny and smart. Gets old fast, though.
I don't know why the newspaper as the background (I'm sure they don't have any complimentary newspaper at the joint), but I like how it looks. Nice and cheap!

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I like this headline and the wireless one. The maid one isn't working for me. The art direction could be better and the idea isn't as new as it could be but 2 of the 3 headlines are very funny.

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a) the art direction makes no sense.
b) you're writing headlines to an existing campaign.

nice try. but you need to be more original.

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They are on newspaper because they can't afford new paper.

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great campaign!

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The name is White
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