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Dick Huges
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So the client saw this ad and said: YEAH!!! A shampoo Ad where we only show 1 hair and a snake bite! I LOVE IT! IM GONNA PAY FOR IT! YOU GUYS ARE MY HEROES!!! 1 hair and 1 snake bite! This shampoo will sell a lot for people that live in risk places with lots of snakes!

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These are ads from around the world.
Think globally, act locally. Business 101.

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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I kind of like this execution. Although it doesn't work as well with the pit bull. They should make each execution an emergency situation, where all you might have to save your life is your hair - makes the point that the hair is strong. The dog doesn't work because it's not an emergency. You would use a muzzle, not your hair. I think this would be a good campaign if each ad showed a situation where all you have is your hair to save the day.

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kinda wierd yes. Having long hair though, i wish my hair was that strong. I've actually tried to use my hair as floss and it didn't work ha ha

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HAHAHA - me too!

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Ney Frances
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hahahahaha - me too - but with the armpit hair!

is there life before death?

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I don't like this idea simply because it contradicts itself -- If it makes the hair so strong, then how are you able to pluck it out and use it in that manner? Well, there's no point of over-analyzing it since everyone can agree that it's a pretty bad ad.

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i CAN'T agree that this is a bad ad. i think it's awesome. you can cut it, not only pluck it.

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could they have made the tag line any harder to read?


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Or the product shot any smaller? Do award judges seriously mark down an ad if the product/logo occupies any more than the very tiniest part of the bottom right hand corner?

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Oh this is bland. It does work I suppose, but it bores me... 4/10

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Disco Munky
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This is silly. I'm not sure what the message is? Is it

a) The shampoo makes your hair stronger


b) Don't go walking around the desert with no shoes on because you mite get bit and that would suck but our shampoo makes your hair strong enough to tie off the blood supply to your foot so relax you'll live?

Doin' it for the points

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What the F is a snake doing on the beach. Even if one happened to be disturbed while sunbathing and bit you... and if you applied you hair as a tornique, you wouldn't go walking around. Would have been better on an arm in a bush setting to save nagging questions like mine.
Also logos, pakshots and legible copy just get in the way.

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I thought this is supposed to be in a desert.


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i think it works. i like it. her foots ugly tho.