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BEAUTIFUL vibrance! colors are soooo nice!

| everartz |

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Beautiful lighting, composition is awesome

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nice art

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call me stupid, but cant get onto this idea's ship standing and watching from my little raft.

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I'm missing the idea but these are so nice to look at. Art Direction and Photography 10 out of 10.

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Would you rather see a photo of some upscale hipster cooking a gourmet meal in her Cordon-Bleu saute pan while her "friends" stand around the kitchen drinking expensive wine?

If you're the target audience for this ad, you'll get it. You'll see that these guys know product and connect it with the brand being able to provide the right cookware.

Oh, and the photography is fantastic.

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I am not shure, should I be in a group of:

a) What a lovely image, very nice


b)Am I missing something, can someone explain to me please

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well i ll go with b

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Ad Junkie At Large
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i think a great cook could look at this (an image that looks like a bunch of unpolished unprepared food) and imagine all the wonderful things they could create with this exotic grocery list. i don't think it's trying to be to clever it's saying these cooks have a more refined pallet so here are the tools for you to create art with food, tools only you (a great cook) would know what to do with.