Smoke ring

October 2006

Children of parents who smoke, get to heaven earlier.

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, München/Hamburg, Germany
Creative director: Ekki Frenkler
Art Director: Sybille Stempel
Copywriters: Carlos Obers, Christine Deinhart
Graphic Design: Sybille Stempel
Photographer: Camillo Büchelmeier
Account Executive: Vally Söhngen

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cool,i like it

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somehow this sounds euphemising to me... of course it says that kids of smoking parents will die earlier but it kind of misses out the hell these kids are going through before being such a cute little angel.

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looks like the posters for the German "kirchentag" in Berlin 2003

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i loveeeeeeeee awesome

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Wow, something drawn by smoke. And this time is a halo!
Really lateral.

School ad.

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bright rhino
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I agree with addyhoch, it does sound euphemising. It makes the tone come across a little awkward.

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But I think that's the deal - first you've got that picture in mind of a cute little angel, but then you realize the smoke and read the copy. That's when you see it's actually terrible.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I totally understand your point.
But I'm having a huge language issue here. And it's the word "heaven". I think there are ways to finesse the second half of the line without losing what it means to say. Besides, it is already implied visually with the halo.
You just can't ignore altogether the fact that they will not die a peaceful death with respiratory complications and what not. It's just that it somehow sounds like a very "feel-good" ad to me at the moment.
It attempts to lay a guilt trip on smoking parents, but it somehow lacks the punch it's trying to land.

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I kind of like this. I don't really care for the execution but I like the thought in the line.

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Softens the urgency... but I still like it. Valid idea.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Dun like it. It's weird, i can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's the death and heaven and angels thing. Maybe the line could be better, the art direction certainly needs help.

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Hiba Sk
Activity Score 6

Loved it.. Very effective, i mean i dont even have kids and it actually made me think of quitting - the thought was only there for 2 minutes though..

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The problem here lies indeed in the copy. In the word 'heaven' that is. If you show smoke from a cigarette and tell she's going to heaven. Then you are conveying the mesasge as positive. Saying heaven and an image that is linked to that word is positive. DO you want it to be a bad thing, use the image in combination with a negative word for the afterlife. In that case show the smoke and use words like 'Die' 'death' 'hell' and so one.

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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i like it! for a smoker with or without children, it has a point! doesn't matter if the execution looks like something done before for something else, the idea express the very painful truth!

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Una propuesta muy interesante

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boring . . .



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You non-smoking fags need to shut the fuck up. Its our choice to smoke, we made it. Its not like we think that cigarettes are full of vitamin C or anything. This is retarded. Oh my god smoking causes cancer! no shit! I know this and i still smoke. I DO NOT CARE! i am a smoker and i love to smoke. So stop spuing your retared facts out at the smoking community. ASS HOLE.

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This post needs to be removed, it is sickening, disgusting, and trolling, all of which , IIRC, are violations of the Terms of Service.

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... seems to me, that you already smoke to much. *muhaha*

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I'm not upset about the post. Facts are facts. but u can't stop people from smoking with things they already know I am an ex smoker and I recommend for those who do smoke u don't enjoy it it taste bad its gross and if u could stop u would its just the drug addiction to nicotine that makes u the way u are :( i was there for 19 yrs and proud to say I'm quit and will never go back