May 2008

Headline and copy text (in English):

Print advertisment created by Extra Bold Portfolio School, United States for Smart, within the category: Automotive.

Get Ready, America.

Advertising School: Extra Bold Portfolio School, Madison, USA
Creative Director / Art Director: Nick Bruskewitz

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ahmed ragheb's picture
ahmed ragheb
Activity Score 297


Silver Surfer's picture
Silver Surfer
Activity Score 28

Nice job Nick.

phoamcor's picture
Activity Score 1284

The best of the bunch. The other two are stretches for me.

Neil Levy's picture
Neil Levy
Activity Score 314

neil levy
cool. this is really good. still not sure about the type choice so see what other people think.

daniel_glezmilan's picture
Activity Score 284

Correct campaign. Not edgy.

krautland's picture
Activity Score 3216

you know... this works.

neil: I like the type, even the caps-A.

liar's picture
Activity Score 384

i don't live in a country with winter...but is that the clearance done by the owner or the wheel trace of the car?

czaddork's picture
Activity Score 18

Yeah... the owner would be the one shoveling the snow... but typically people don't really shovel more than they have to... so I think this works for that reason. Love it.

Malala's picture
Activity Score 295

when i see the campaign u have used very old
photographs and the old situations . for me it gives a bit old feelling. is there a reason for that?
because smart looks very cute sporty and modern. but idea is really nice.

drunk dave's picture
drunk dave
Activity Score 1066

Nice idea, a lot of valid comments above to make it better.

caloca's picture
Activity Score 276

What is this???

Even I, a student, knew this has been done... recently.

sp101's picture
Activity Score 137

Wow, being at Portfolio School and having the title creative director + art director. Now I think that's awesome ;)