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January 2008

Print advertisment created by DDB, Sweden for Skoda, within the category: Automotive.

Skoda Octavia RS Estate. 0 to 100 in 7.5 second.

Advertising Agency: DDB Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Andreas Dahlqvist
Art Directors: Viktor Arve, Simon Higby, Ted Harry Mellström
Copywriter: Martin Lundgren
Retouch: Johanna Karsten

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is skoda donkey???

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nice gaijin
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No, the art director is just a real ass.

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He [Michelangelo] himself claimed to speak to no one, to "have no friends, and don't want any."

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what is this soka is donkey

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skoda is donkey

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oh dear lord forgive the idiots for their mistakes.. oh dear god correct their dumb thinking to do better advertising in the future.. amen!!

| everartz |

amsterdam73's picture
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By saying skoda is a donkey, you're really saying a Skoda is more ugly than the rest...
(it's ugly but it gets you there (faster)).
Don't think that's a good way to sell cars.
I wouldn't buy one...

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andrej dwin
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or maybe you're just acknowledging that the customer isn't an idiot and that you know he thinks skoda isn't the greatest car on earth. and you're putting forward a good argument to change that perception.
I applaud this ad.
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can't believe this is for SKODA

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- kk

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Senhora Kolossa
Activity Score 483

it's from sweden. perhaps it's from volvo, and they try to fuck skoda up with bad ads.

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hahahahahaahahah!!! Wouldn't that be fun!

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I see it more as a tongue in cheek look at themselves. Skoda obviously realize that they have a reputation for building damn ugly cars, and I think it's great that they can laugh at themselves and put an ad like this out. Kudos to them for approving this concept.

Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

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Dalbir Singh
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Vernon Jeremy Muller
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Are donkey's faster than race horses? I don't think so. They are certainly uglier! A rationale from the creator would be appreciated to clarify what exactly the message is here. Then again, the need for an explanation itself would mean that not many people (if any) would get this ad in the first place... Can't believe Skoda approved this... wearmysocks thinks its tongue-in-cheek, i think he should stick to wearing his own socks. This is terrible and should have been thrown out with last night's soggy korean dumplings!

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You know how I know that I'm right and you're wrong? This ad got made. Skoda DID approve this, and it IS a tongue-in-cheek look at themselves. If not that, then what the hell is the point?

Of course donkeys aren't faster than racehorses, but they are (I can't believe I need to spell this out!) saying that this is an ugly car which performs better and quicker than other much better looking cars.

Go drink some more coffee, or have a smoke or something. I hate it when people try throwing insults or disregarding someone else's opinion without a valid counter-argument.
Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

Vernon Jeremy Muller's picture
Vernon Jeremy Muller
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P.S. Maybe they meant the donkey from shrek... he certainly talks faster than a racehorse!

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For me it´s all clear.
the ad says: skoda has the image of an eastern car from a former socialist country. The donkey says, that skoda is non establishment and surprisingly good. It doesn´t refer to the ugliness of the car, it refers to how skoda is seen by the people and its really ironic.
i like it.
In germany there were similar ads for the skoda superb "luxury" car. The message of this ad was, that people who drive a skoda superb are just smarter because the get the same luxury for less money.

the best series of car ads in southafrica: "adclash": BMW vs. Audi vs. Subaru vs. Bentley

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Or maybe they just refers to a loading donkey that is fast. A fast car that can carry much and yet be fast.. Since the ad is for a Estate.. But what do I know..

Guest's picture

no, this animals is numbered, imagine it, each horse refer to a guy from the list:
Creative Director: Andreas Dahlqvist 6
Art Directors: Viktor Arve, Simon Higby, Ted Harry Mellström 4
Copywriter: Martin Lundgren 3
Retouch: Johanna Karsten 9
Match the numbers, and there is three or four hidden guys that has been working on that masterpiece to, cheers