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April 2009

Print advertisment created by Art Grup, Turkey for Sinema, within the category: Media.

Cinema for Turks.

Advertising Agency: Art Grup, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Ates Cavdar
Creative Group Head: Efsun Gunes
Copywriters: Odisseas Sevsevme, Caglar Kurtaran
Art Director: Berat Pekmezci
Photographer: Bahadır Tanriover (Ariza Photograpy)
Retoucher: Faruk Yurdakul

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I don't get it.something distinct about turks?

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
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I know which movie they're referring to. It happens to be one of my all-time favorites. But what's the idea here? Do I need to be Turkish to understand it? Is it the size of the word "Kobayashi" on the bottom of the cup?

I feel stupid for not getting it... Help!

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All they've done is replaced actors in famous movie scenes with Turkish people. Here, they've replaced the detective from The Usual Suspects with a Turkish man. i.e. "Cinema for Turks." If you've seen the move like you say, it shouldn't be that hard to figure out... I like it.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I'm sorry, but what you just described is NOT called an ad concept. If what you just said is really the idea behind this work, I'd rather remain feeling stupid...

God, this is terrible!! : (

Yes, I've seen the film something like fifty times already...

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Guest'll have to watch the movie to understand the ad ?
sorry, doesn't work for me

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Roshan Quintus
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hmmm... no

bite me

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what's the idea? cinema for turks is copy cat?

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can't understand what they want to say

"selling is advertisment"

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First of all it's too forced... The idea, the execution etc. Also, as Turks are Caucasians, it's too hard to differentiate them from any other nation. So here, the casting was chosen to make the idea work and color adjustments were made on their skins. Otherwise, it becomes totally pointless to say "cinema for Turks" if you don't notice the Ataturk picture behind the man and of course the cigarettes. I may easily say, this ad wouldn't work a bit in Turkey and just made for the international awards. and hey, Kaiser Souze was referred to be a Turk in the movie... there could be a different approach if they took that point view.

And here's the last comment for Turks: Arkadaşlar, yapmayın böyle şeyler gözünüzü seveyim...

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” Picasso.

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Turks are funny :)

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"Usual Suspect", starring Kevin Spacey.
The idea is to copy scenes from famous movies but with "localized" characters.
it's clear to me, though I'm not Turkish and that I agree that the concept definitly lakes strength.

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Senhora Kolossa
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this is as bad as when something is really bad.

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Nice photography, stupid idea

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Usual turkish suspects?!

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if the only thing is to change kevin spacey to a turkish man, its really weak...
tell me if i miss something.

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put something associated with turks (like mustache, raki (turkish national liquor), shish kebap etc) and it will be ok. but it seems totally pointless now.