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Activity Score 146

rest are ok but in this visual, i cant presume - Animals TOGETHER

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Activity Score 472

Yep kind of but I really like the campaign..good execution.
"Idea never die"

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Activity Score 1042

Agree with cool. Nice art but the campaign thought has not been expressed clearly, maybe it is the translation.

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Activity Score 1047

'Animals together'? It's a weak concept that, unfortunately, was not saved by beautiful art direction.

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Activity Score 1142

elephant and...? women? women = animal?
or am i see wrongly?

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It's a snake...not a woman.

"animals together" is a concept that could be used for any zoo, but im sure any zoo would love to have this campaign to call their own.

A neat idea and lovely execution.

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Activity Score 1142

oh oh is a snake, i jus see it, thanks thanks !

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it's a snake...

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I see elephants and snake. Is there something to win ?

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Activity Score 176

snake in the middle. this ones rel nice. to me this one and the bird, are the most obvious ones. other animals "in the middle seem too vague to me" whats that between the pigs an owl, and the other ones spsd to be an owl or what?

dont like the vectorised feeling to it, in german wed say. "put a little more love into it".

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Well, I think Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi are one of the best agencies on this planet, but this campaign can't live up to their previous works. It's okay, but "Animals Together" isn't a groundbreaking concept. Not to mention most of the images are really hard to get.

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Hmmmm.... remind me of an ad... This one is used before but I can't recall what it is(they failed as well not being able to make me remember the brand)... Mind game with simetrical picture... An over used recycled ideas, but I'd be amazed if it used to a better execution... I see none, as a matter of fact, in this execution, I see two elephant butt... SO??? One more thing, is that Animal Together or The Animal Joint? Not too strong an execution, perhaps the idea was vague... What was the brief again?

Trying to retire ad-man

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There was a campaign that won in Cannes with a similar, but better concept. It was a brush-written term and the negative rooms in between the letters formed another term with the opposite meaning.

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for sure it is not a new concept, but what can be really new under this big sun?
As long as it use in a sweet way :)

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this post is not to comment this particular ad, but to start a conversation about a subject i considerer important:

questionchallenger: what if in some year just DON'T happen awards festivals?
i mean NO festival, ZERO, NONE, 0000,00.

imagine the ad-world without awards.
could be better? worst? same?
what could happen with the greats creatives? or even with the normal creatives?
is just the awarded creatives the good professionals? or they can just do award-ads, nothing...errr... to sell?
any way, this challenger, this cruzade about award make our job better??
a non-award work is not good?? who decides?
lets suppose a "crap" sell 10 times more than a award, so, who is on the right way??
i am really worry about the way of our work on these days.
i saw some time ago: "If don't sell, is not creative"
we lost this?

well, i have to confess: i don't have answers for anyone of my own questions posted here.
this is not my oppinion or something like that, is just a doubt, a anguish... and i think is not just mine.

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Even if there are no awards, there will still be people who appreciate and celebrate good ads. So good campaigns will still get credits and will make their creators famous and well payed.

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Activity Score 1047

Award shows, for all their inherent flaws, are still the best way to lift overall standards and are therefore good for the industry.

As for the question about which is better - an effective ad or an award-winning ad - well, the effective ad is obviously better b/c it's sole purpose should be to shift product. That said, a more creative ad will, 9 times out of 10, also be a more effective ad. I truly believe that, and so should all self-respecting creatives.

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I agree slim
I really agree, i believe so hard in creative ad, just like you and ivan, and all people here.

I (and maybe you too) just begin to see some ads good for ad-people, but not so good to sell, or not so clear to the target..
someones are even hard to you and me get the point, i see many people here asking: "what is the product? what is the point? where the idea is?"
that make me a little worry... is the ad, is the audience (in this case, ad-people)?
we suppose to get an ad idea just easy, fast, we work with that, but when i see more and more doubts about the point or idea behind an ad come from colegs...

well, like ivan said, good work will be good and celebrate with award or not.
thanks ivan, cheers slim.
lets move on!

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Activity Score 1394

the snake in this one does not come across very well at all...

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i thought it's a gazelle or something like that

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Activity Score 503

They throw snakes in with the elephants?

Fail Harder.

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Nice, but very similar idea and art direction "argentina turistica" campaign
a few years ago in Argentina...