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So, um... the target represents the audience and the arrows represent this ad?

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No, the arrows represent your brain capacity to understand a good and clever ad, and the target.... do i need to say more?

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nah, you really need to try something else with your life, not ads. you just don't get it. you've been blinded by pure awesomeness

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drunk dave
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That is sooo funny. I love this idea! Drunk Robin Hood, cool.

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And nice art, too.

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very nice. it feels a little obvious, but it looks great and puts Sherwood in a fun place. as a strongbow fan, i'm excited to try it.

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john doe
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nice one. first laugh this morning.

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ahahah good one!
One thing though: it's hard to get drunk on cider...

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Try the 5 liter plastic bottle of Woodpecker!! Succes guaranteed!

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Not really, it's pretty much the same as beer!

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It's about the same alcohol content, but have you tried drinking a 6 pack of cider (strongbow in my case). Not too easy on the stomach. Anyway, I think it's funny. A bit obvious, but not TOO obvious to work well.

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i normally get strong bow in 4 pack tall boys, but i see your point. by the fifth one, i don't want one, but by after a fair amount of beer, it hits the spot. however, if we're debating acidity and sugar content, then we're far beyond talking about the ad, so it's done its job.

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yeah, nice. it's hard to advertise the real benefit of alcohol in an ad. and they did it with the right feeling and in a funny way. good job

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Brilliant!!! Wish I'd done this one...oh well, gonna have to drown my sorrows instead.

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Hey Zidor, I've been soooooo slammed on cider! maybe you just didn't do it right?? Great ad though, let's meet over a coupla Sherwood's...

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Shanty Mathew
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Real good one. Especially the clever link to the product name.

"A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself." - David Ogilvy

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hahah nice work!

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Best set of comments I've seen on this site so far.

Zidor try Olde rosie
That'll get the smash-eye going

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Nice one...look at the image there is "someone" watching you;)

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beautiful photography

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The buck in the background is happy they've been drinking too.
Clever work guys.

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entertaining. I would try the product and most importantly remember the name too. Another good cider with a much higher alcohol content K, black bottle with a big red K on the bottle.

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fun. smart. LOL!

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nice looks, the idea is solid but whit that brief you should be doing much more better and less expected.

first thougth, but well excecuted.

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Great Ad. Spot on execution & idea.

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Very good. 7/10

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Very very good. Congratulations to those who have seen the Hart in the background... but there's another one in this picture.
So ? I think that's a pretty good work. Made with style. Very impressive. Etienne, A.D. in Reunion Island.

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for the first comment, ads are not your thing, try accounting maybe you'll have potential there. don't look at anymore ads. you'll go blind from pure awesomeness

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Like it..

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i thing idea is good and nice..