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April 2009
Advertising Agency: McKinney, Durham, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Cude
Group Creative Director: Ellen Steinberg
Art Directors: John Hagerty
Copywriters: Jenny Nicholson
Director of Broadcast: Regina Brizzolara
Senior Producer: Naomi Newman
Photographer: Craig Cutler
Art Buyer: Kellie Bingman
Print Producer: Lauren March
Retoucher: Stacy Evans
Studio Artist: Matt Wood

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Again, I like the copy.

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The outer glow seems like an odd choice, but nice ad.

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yeah, i like this. snappy writing indeed

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Good point.

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Some of the little details are reallly smart too, like including the paint color of the paint featured in the ad.

- Jeff

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LeeHarvey's picture
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Once again, copy is great, art is not

chrisg's picture
Activity Score 10

Copy and art are great,not sure about the type glow either.
I like the simple clean layout.Concept is very smart.

Dan-o's picture
Activity Score 15

Sage green bathroom, pink little girl's room. I like the concept maybe just a little more because it feels like home. Nice work.

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this ad is absolutely ridiculous. this campaign is awful. every ad i've seen has a sophomoric, ridiculously blind headline which forces you to read the copy, which is fine--if there were a point to be made. however, there is none here. truth be told, there's absolutely no relationship between the blindness of the headline and the message delivered in the copy. for example, this ad talks about asking sherwin-williams if you have smelly breath. um, correct me if i'm wrong, but SMELLY BREATH HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING PAINT-RELATED!!!!! YOU DON'T FLIPPING SMELL PAINT WITH YOUR BREATH! you smell paint with your nose! breath has nothing to do with anything other than trying to be cute and funny for no point whatsoever.

there's another ad in the campaign which says "ASK SHERWIN WILLIAMS HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE." The copy then goes on to say that your nosy neighbors won't be nosy if you paint your walls a nice color, and they'll be so impressed they'll be distracted from asking you nosy neighbor questions.

how flipping trite and ridiculous is that premise?

this is the kind of campaign i'd expect to see from a kid straight out of college, thinking he's being cute and clever. stinky? low odor paint? get it? get it?

for a brand as strong and powerful and classic as this, this is so far removed from being good. anyone who worked on this should be embarrassed to have their name associated with it.