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I think they mean 'Still thinking [of] buying pirate?'

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star wars film is so famous that it exists in ripp format not even cheap pirate screanner ...therefore i think that the scene of starwars should be replaced by another scene

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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I didn't know Jack Sparrow can be bought.

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really bad artdirection, nice concept though, especially the Titanic

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I like this one very much!!!

One of the most annoying things about pirate movies is this bloody fact that some of them are recorded in the actual cinema! Yackkk!!!

Go on, Fox!

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Thinking on....???

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I can't believe they made this ad...

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better than the other one

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can someone explain to me why the tv is on the floor with those 70s tiles. Also Why do we need to see the whole tv?
it should be alot closer but theres way too much space on the side.
Rommel Gonzalez, Demian Campos, explain your artdirection please.

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Has anyone bothered to think that when Stars Wars was at the cinema in 1977, DVDs weren't around so if anyone was to record the film in the cinema it would be absolutely crap video quality and, .........what the hell............... who f***king cares. I don't like these.

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Have you really seen Star Wars???

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so they bought an expensive tv and couldn't afford to put it on a nice tv stand?

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Yes, this guys are right.

You should buy a Samsung instead o a Samblung.

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Pirating + new TV + movies - what a confusing mix! It took me a sec to figure out they weren't playing up the beautiful TV, but trying to convince people not to download pirated stuff. Plus this is pretty first-degree thinking.