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October 2008

Print advertisment created by Newmoment, Macedonia for Semos, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: Newmoment, Macedonia
Art Director: Nikola Vojnov
Creative Director: Drakalski Dushan
Copywriter: Ilinka Crvenkovska

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SeanMartin's picture

Uh... no. Thank you. I normally dont mind the before/after ads if they've got at least a bit of cleverness to them, but this aint got any. And frankly, the "after" of an aenorexic isnt any more appealing than the gluttonous "before".

tototwiga's picture
Activity Score 153

Ditto. Who are they trying to appeal to?

Guest's picture

It's an ad for Photoshop lessons.

NomadDCLXVI's picture
Activity Score 441

yeah - little bit too heavy... contrast :) but it's better to have that tiny ass than the big one :)


thecreature's picture
Activity Score 91

The tiny is just a bone. Phew...

Guest's picture

what exactly is this meant to be promoting? What an unhealthy image! media responsibility!!!

Guest's picture

Anorexic ? You must be a fat chick.

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

Yep agree

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

Perfect way to disengage with 50% of your audience

Renan Correa's picture
Renan Correa
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Seems to me first idea.


The Pun-isher1's picture
The Pun-isher1

hmmm....I want to give fair criticism of an idea which could have been awesome.
Target audience looks like Art directors and designers and to be honest this does nothing to engage us on any level.
Yes, the ad puts the old and tested "before/after" technique in a new context, but maybe not such an obvious execution.

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

Good to know, how you can choose photoshop,
but you should know what using for.... :-)

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Guest commenter

the first idea before the first. Next, please

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Guest commenter

the first idea before the first. Next, please

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Guest commenter

after is revolting

Hibon's picture
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Where are all the photoshop specialists* comments ? *highly trained in a particular branch.

Simple ideas are the best !

john doe's picture
john doe
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this is so bad.

minimaloid's picture
Activity Score 123

year 2008, away with before/after thing.

STRTLRS's picture
Activity Score 1601

Somehow the "before" ass looks better than the "after". To their credit though, the after is actually a photoshopped version of the before. Just look at the details...

I think, therefore... yeah.

hard_core's picture
Activity Score 146

I like some beef in the saddle also. I bet the girl on the left knows how to cook also. I have to say that the girl on the left is the winner. Good photoshop skills though. I like them. But quit takin butt of the beautys..:

Favete's picture
Activity Score 365

I kinda like it, the ass i mean...

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

Ew, that's just scary skinny. Why not show a front abs shot to parody the diet pill ads?

sneakyhands's picture
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nothing exciting. rolled my eyes at before/after, smirked at the twist, now on to the next thing.

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Guest commenter

I agree that it's not providing any shown quality

Wyvie's picture
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"Take our Photoshop Lessons, and you too could take everything too far!"

I know anorexic models with more meat on them than the PSed version! This reminds me of one of those speed-photoshop things floating around on youtube, where the guy makes a big girl in lingerie thinner. I guess that might be what they were aiming for with this, but it's just too boring and too skinny. Perhaps a better idea to take an amateurish snap and make it look like Hollywood?

Mind you, it's so nice to see most of you guys prefer the woman on the left. :)

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Guest commenter

Auuu, ljudi pa kakav je to razmak izmedju nogu, kako da se ne skida sa....

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Guest commenter


n8's picture
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Loso, Mnogu loso :)


dthlb72's picture
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Looks like the 'after' between thighs are getting wider, shows that getting more laid than the fat one.

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

Jeez, the "after" looks like the Olsen twins conjoined ass. I'd hit the "before" in a second though.

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renzz's picture
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wow nice photoshop!

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

this is so sweet

salo El Malo's picture
salo El Malo

this ad makes me feel miserable

Megu's picture

ewww gross! ... I mean the after... :S

VioletYoshi's picture

Learn how to turn womens' bodies into objects! That's really what the ad is saying right? Why bother with a real woman, when you can make a fantasy one on your computer. I'm sure you fat haters would love sitting at home with your Anorexic laptop doll, then get with a real woman.

Guest's picture

The whole point of the "after" shot is that it has been photoshopped just like all the magazines of size zero models, I think her being super skinny is the whole idea!
Besides she isn't aenorexic, Ive seen many thinner people out there

Guest's picture

hhh, smart ads might get people smiling,
direct and blunt ads get some people buying
depending very much on the product / audience / culture
.. I dont want to be a smart ass.. but the agency gets good business when they make money for their clients instead of winning awards for ads that dont sell
.. but then I could be wrong
; )

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So is the point that the after is so awful that the person who did it should have Photoshop lessons? If that's the case, it's a bit on the subtle side, although obvious to me the "after" shows no knowledge of anatomy and I doubt they teach that in their Photoshop lessons.

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I think the whole point of this add is to show people not to believe everything they see in adds because photoshop can completely transform anything. So for example when you see a man or women with an amazing body(not saying the scrawny girl looks amazing) it more then likely isn't as great as it appears because photoshop can change anything.

Guest's picture

Newmoment sta je ovoo??? auuu loshooo!!!