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simple, clear and to the point... is the UAE market breaking free from taboos??

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doubt this will see the light of day in Dubai..probably stay in art director book that's all.

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this kind of ad in dubai?...what do you think ivan? fake ad isnt?

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The product is certainly applicable to the Middle East. I think it is possible they aired this ad. I've seen such cheeky object based concepts for sex related products in Bahrain and UAE. I've done such myself:

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"The product is certainly applicable to the Middle East"???
; )


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It's not just tighten....but it's like brand new!!! LOL. Look how the old worn out one has all the frills, etc. and the oneon the right is like new. Hahaha

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um, eww.

... its already been done...

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they re desperate for awards in Dubai. Ready to do anything...

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Why does it matter that the ad comes from dubai.
Focus on the idea. Simple and clean :)

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brilliant! invent a product to support a poor joke and bam, no scam!

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Carlos Duty
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la cagó. toda la razón a los post anteriores.
un poco de respeto con la profesión

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this was done for a Playboy magazine anniversary but in a more elegant way(bush scribbled with a pen on the left and a trim line) see it here: . This is just disgusting...


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How many grown women do you guys know that still wear these little girls' hairband... Or is this targeted towards little girls??? Disturbing

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Marc Riolta
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Simple, strong visual. Can't go wrong.

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i saw it in saudi arabia and ibought it just afraid to use it...anyone used it???????

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It's magical

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It's magical

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i am very much skeptical if in Dubai (even entire gulf) such ads are allowed


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the ad is yaaaaakkkkkk.. but the idea is a good one ,,, people underwstimate such matters if they dont suffer them
dubai or not ,it doesnt matter, wat matters really is womwn are womwen and female troubles are universal