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December 2007

Print advertisment created by Ogilvy, Hungary for Scrabble, within the category: Gaming.

Every word counts

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Hungary
Creative Directors: Gábor Spielmann
Art Director: Bruno Almeida
Copywriter: Gábor Spielmann
Photographers: Pal Nanasi, Artluzstudio

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AnubisibunA's picture
Activity Score 36

but do all dogs go to heaven ?

Banner2k5's picture
Activity Score 551

i think these are mildly amusing but not that strong and shouldnt it be every letter counts?

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10679

Every "letter" counts. (If you've ever played the game.)

These ads do absolutely NOTHING for me. I guess that's because I'm subconsciously comparing these ads to those awesome Scrabble campaigns out of O&M/Singapore done years ago. Still fresh in my memory.

Y&R in Los Angeles has also done a pretty good Scrabble print campaign ("It's your word against theirs.") more recently, too.

But more importantly, the average Scrabble players usually DO have a large vocabulary. So, using words like "dog" and "rat" (I'm laughing as I type this sentence) is a pretty sizeable I.N.S.U.L.T. to them. Don't you think?

instant coppee's picture
instant coppee
Activity Score 45

yup, after the Y&R campaign this makes one wonder if not enough though went into it in the first place. First level though!!

satish singh
creative director, max l'agence

spacecadetglow's picture
Activity Score 247

i disagree. maybe for this ad it could be every letter counts, but for the gum-mug ad, it really is the word. the 'm' is worth the most points, and you could earn more points using mug or gum, depending on board position.

andre_j's picture
Activity Score 88

the dog in that pose is really nice.

seiyapunk's picture

i like this one, it´s easy for the customers to understand it. not like the rat ad, i connect the vitruvian man with geometry and science not with art.

Byte's picture
Activity Score 327

Like it. You can use Dog or God fot the game. Nice.


EGGO's picture
Activity Score 354

Oh NOW I get it. So the mug can also be gum. Gotcha.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

FlyingDogs's picture
Activity Score 968

Hahahahahah!! Great campaign!


adamrich's picture
Activity Score 48

i like it, better than the rat, just a pity there isnt some with words longer than 3 letters.

everartz's picture
Activity Score 7613

i do like this campaign... funny!!

| everartz |

alvinpck's picture
Activity Score 1467

I have the same idea of dog/god line some time back, but don't know what product or services to use it.
This is quite nice, but I'm not sure about the inconsistency of this series.


lucciano marisio's picture
lucciano marisio
Activity Score 166

jaja excelente!


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Activity Score 4


aadi's picture
Activity Score 230

i like it

iRitz's picture
Activity Score 45

never underestimate words.

haha_p's picture
Activity Score 29

very old idea cute

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

The tagline doesn't appropriately pay off the concept. It should be something like, 'letter position is everything,' or something (more eloquent) with that gist.

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Activity Score 688

lol'd that dog looks awesome