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Activity Score 168

ok, whatever!

Oren's picture
Activity Score 91

I think someone should better tell her that she is about to die in 5 sec ..

whitespace's picture
Activity Score 1953

I think someone should tell her she's already dead from a broken neck.

(chuck norris did it)

act's picture
Activity Score 535

i think someone better tell the creatives that these are really awful ads.

rainman's picture
Activity Score 267

good, clean design, bad concept, nice photograpy

Eagle's picture
Activity Score 34

Why would you advertise something like this?
Not too responsible.

addyhoch10's picture
Activity Score 2592

awful colours, looks like the photo lied about in a shop window for a couple of years.

JimiTimi's picture
Activity Score 6

very nice ad. Something Different.

squirrely's picture
Activity Score 316

It's not good design. It's just simple. That's not always good. Look at the badly blurred background.

Khushie's picture
Activity Score 12

Smart, Simple and COnveyes the message: LOOK BACK

Qbird's picture
Activity Score 142

i think this is awful...
detergent ad... for washing??? what?? i don't even know what does it use for.. its not useful to me so buy it just for the saving coupon behind?!?!?!?

the client really buy this idea??
or is it a....

chirp chirp chirp...

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Activity Score 72

I think its doing the job...If you manage to make the person look behind the pack, thats good enough.

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Guest commenter

come on guys, the message is look behind something, not look back. There's miss-communication and that put me off.