When shoes go bad

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August 2009
Scholl Print Ad -  When shoes go bad


Print advertisement created by Spinach, Australia for Scholl, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Spinach, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Frank Morabito
Illustrator: Darren Pryce
Art Director: Simon Cooper
Copywriter: Michael Mulcahy
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alexander_bickov's picture

Boring idea

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Muhammad Imran's picture

Very very old Concept indeed! execution could be done in a more better style tho...

Muhammad Imran
Activity Score 616
Art Director at Orbit Advertising |

Misstree's picture

I like it! Nostalgia aside, I thought it was funny!

Activity Score 425
Copywriter |


Not all who wander are lost.

Blashyrkh's picture

Now there's a conflict with "Odour attack" and the "attacked people". Who's attacking and who's being attacked? And why so dramatic?

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Art Director
Wordnerd's picture

One question, Blashyrkh. Isn't your picture from that incredibly awesome (french?) short animation film? do you have a link to it? it has been removed where i saw it once.
that would be great

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Blashyrkh's picture

It's a Tomek Baginski short animation "Fallen Art". Last time I saw it posted on youtube and dailymotion. And yeah it's a masterpiece, one of my fav shorts.

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Art Director
Wordnerd's picture

Yeah, that's the one! Thanks a lot man!

You know this one already?

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Blashyrkh's picture

That was great. And funny. I'm afraid we're going offtopic here. LOL

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Art Director
bubblestheclownfish's picture

Yes - it's great, though KATEDRA (by Baginski) is better executed/paced.

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Creative Director
LeeMoh's picture

Why the copy line is there at all?

Why fairytale kind of visual?

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yctham's picture

Doesn't seem works for target audience.

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Planner at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
bubblestheclownfish's picture

Yes - stink comes on slowly, not like a mustard gas attack, so they wouldn't instantly die - would work better if they were all sitting at the roadside with suitcases and a For Sale sign on the lawn. BUT it still made me laugh.

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Creative Director
bad astronaut's picture

so did a bunch of bats crap on that shoe.... or was the social service too late in taking the children away from a mother who doesn't believe in cleanliness.

bad astronaut
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Guest's picture

Dark.. I liked it

cesar7983's picture

cool art work

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everartz's picture

product and the whole usage of it has been extremely magnified, i dont know do i hate the product that let this fantastic illustration down or the illustrator who used the best abilities for something which could be sold at a simpler design.... i'll say 9/10 for the illustration

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Art Director |

| everartz |

Pencil-Killer's picture

funny! nice style of illustration

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Art Director at Leuven
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