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it took me more than usual but i got it. pretty good i must say

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great idea, if it wasnt been done before (which i probably think it was, altough is the first time i see this).. but the execution could be much better.

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so you're saying thats been done... but you're not sure and think it probably had...

holy crap... say somethin about the ad...

its pretty damn good...

and in my opnion doesnt need any execution improves...

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what im saying is that altough is the first time i see this idea, its hard for me to belive that no one ever has think of these before.

and the execution its ok, could be better, specially the retouching of the photo and the situations, could be more relevant for the target, this seems like they used the first 3 examples that they though when they shouldve writen 20 situations and choose the more insightful for the main target.

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I'm feeling this way right now...

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Great concept

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the idea is great, like it!

the saw on the second one is quite difficult to recognize.

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That took me awhile to get. It's good - but how long will passersby stare at it until it clicks? I know I sound like a broken record, but ads that please the creators but not the consumer are a waste of time and money.

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Here you go:
(but it was probably done even before this one)

Its funny, how people copy exactly the same ideas all over. Kind a stupid.

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very good execution. but the idea is just: "if tired, drink coffee, or else". it's very generic. If this was for a fast coffee delivery service: ok, cool. But what are these guys supposed to do? quickly go to burger king? no, sorry

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Nice. But it would mean the same thing if you slapped Maxwell on it. What's different about Burger King coffee? Not sure if you found it...

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Some of you guys that made comment are really dums. We could find a relative to every single concept taht any of you get out there. Advertising, movie, art, it. We are all inspired by all that.
If you can't say anything construtive or do better, shut up.
Innovationad said something right and I am a 100% whit that. It doesn't make anything different from a any coffee company.
But, the idea is really great and well executed. The other concept which maryan talked about is totaly bad, unclear and badly executed.
These guys from Bleublancrouge Montreal are doing good stuff.

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If ad people don't get it straight off how are the consumers. Plus they don't communicate a benefit. Negatives are easy, not creative and it's generic. 'Fraid I don't agree with you about the good work.

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I agree with him, only in the point that they are doing a good work, or at least above average. This is an ad that deserves to be discussed. The idea is not generic, the concept is generic. We dont know what was the brief, and if Burger King asked for a tactic ad to temporarly boost their coffee sales we cant complain to the agency because they didnt built something the client didnt ask.

But i do think that this idea could be more relevant, more clear and more eye catching.

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pretty sure there is no brief from the client at all. typical award ads

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Good idea. Strange artwork...


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Really like the idea, but I don't really like the execution.

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Needs eyelashes.

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haha... i think that's the best comment here

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OH I get it!!!

It took me way too long and was like wtf does surgery have to do with coffee!

eye lashes would definitely had made it click faster for me.