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Love it. This subject needs more attention. And this is a way that makes the 'normal' people think and open their eyes towards the big chaotic world of those countrys right now. They need us right now. And who are we to deny them help. If they cannot fix it on their own than they require assistence. We are all from the same species, all humans. And we need to act human for a change and help our fellow man and women.

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Very nice. Simple. Purposeful.

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beautiful! really gets the message across clearly

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why ? did the magnificent 2000 year old cedar burn!!!!! no sireee it didnt maybe some branches burned but not all of it ...with what they have done here the lebanese have to wait at least another 1500 years before they get to see a full grown home country ...represented in this ad by the cedar ..... at least put a modern textile in respect of the flag

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Excellent. Although not keen on the white background. Makes the flag look nasty.
Maybe just put it on the end of a flagpole?

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nice one indeed

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Advertising Pawn
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Excellent ad.


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A delight and a joy to see. Love it.

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Seen it. The Y&R building in Lebanon was involved in a fire, so Y&R offices worldwide made this ads for that. Not as nicely done as this one, but the idea is the same. Check this out:


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Yeah, I like it.


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chintan ruparel
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very cool similar stuff has been done b4. i mean fiddling with the flag, emblem, currency n stuff

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i agree, over done a bit

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Lovely it should win something in Cannes

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Like it alot.
Love 'reLebanon' too.
Agree with Slim.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.