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Not really on target, but still somehow funny.

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haha, cool & funny.

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Something everybody can relate to. Good stuff.

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it's OK.

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relevance zero

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why is a so simple photo photoshopped?!

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i really don´t get it! when i loose my sense of taste is this product going to make it come back?

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The idea is that you need that much of the condiment to taste it. I don't really think you need the box of salt etc. sitting next to the food at all. It forces it a bit much.

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yeah, it doesn't need the salt packaging.

btw, nice cliff jumping pic brandon! looks fun

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I reckon you do need the salt next to it. Otherwise, we'd all be sitting here going 'wtf is that big mountain of white in the middle of the soup?' and suggesting ways to make it clearer.

The salt should stay.

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btw. brandon, i dig your 12poundpackage-site, nice idea

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do cold and flu take away your sense of taste?

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When you have a cold/flu generally you are stuffed up. Which means you probably can't taste anything if you can't smell it. Sooo, you over salt your food while sick so you can try and taste the food. Generally, I don't care that I can't taste my food when I'm sick, I'm too busy being sick to notice. I would rather be sold on the fast acting medication, rather than the benefit of being able to taste food.

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And that's the train of logic these ads expect a casual reader to follow? I think you hit the nail on the head. If I've got a cold, or worse, the flu, my sense of taste is the last thing on my mind (if it crosses my mind at all). This is creative for creative's sake. A giant stretch, to say the least.

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this campaign is garbage.
harsh, i know. but probably fair.

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I like the strategy but think the execution is a little too overdone... I think people would get it if it was toned back a tad.

Could also work better without the salt/sugar/mustard packs.


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think the line should change to something like

"When you have lost your mind"


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Are the things flying or siting on a very very white table?

I like the idea, but the execution could have been much better.

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very nice. my girlfriend loses her tastebuds every time she gets a cold, so i completely enjoyed this one.

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Insight!Insight!Insight! I dig this campaign, i have to say - the execution can be done better.