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Serious candidate for the worst ad I've seem my entire life.

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whats going on?

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its a "big fish in a small pond"

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yeah next they would be coming up with IQ and sudoku puzzles!

"I have no friends, and don't want any." - Michelangelo

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Borrrrrrrrrrring....i didn't like the way their takin about themselves,i liked initial campaign like this ,,but i seriously hate recent ones.

"Common sense is so common ,which is uncommon in common people".

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the ad is full of WEs and US', where has the end user benefit gone?

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prajith kumar
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Your work is your identity

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Rebus puzzles making their debut. Surprised someone hasn't written done, done, Cannes '92, yet.

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this ad appeared in a classified section and afaik they need to talk about the orgaization and its achievements here. If you read it carefully, they do mention about employee benefits and opportunities, these are the targeted readers for this ad.
I frankly like this series of ads by marico keeping in mind the target audience and effective communication.