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do they put a little viagra in there salads ?

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I think this is a good line

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very good line indeed!

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I really like the look of these.

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The whole campaign is so 1990's looking. And the headlines are done to death! You need to spend more time making the backgrounds different from ad to ad too. I know it's a faster way to get the ads done, but the ads will be much better with variation. Better lines and better art direction and these could be good. And one last thing...why shoot the product in a plastic bowl?

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I like the campaign. The plain background is a strength not a weakness for me.

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Very tried and tested late 80's mainstream Americana. Dont mind the consistent backgrounds though. Is the product a ready to eat supermarket nosh? May explain the plastic plate.

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I like the type treatment and the background being the same doesn't bother me. The headlines are the problem, they seem very forced.

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Very convulated line...moreover rabbits dont eat chicken do they?

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or mandarin oranges

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Kevin,James and Garen, keep that rabbitising going man.
Great stuff. Very Bill Bernbach himself. I wonder if Bob Mackall and Alex Guccianni are listening.