Rugby World cup, Double Gold

October 2007

South Africa won the Rugby World cup in 1995 and again in 2007. Hansa Marzen Gold is produced locally in South Africa, unlike some other imported beers.

Well done, Bokke.
You don't need to import when you've got homegrown talent.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford
Art Directors: Tariq Bailey, Cameron Watson
Copywriters: Aaron Harris, Alistair Morgan

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Ed Mintone's picture
Ed Mintone
Activity Score 585

kinda long winded, even if I where a local.

Rog's picture
Activity Score 6080


>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

jaws of wan hoon's picture
jaws of wan hoon
Activity Score 74

I'll put my bet on ellison. Tata

credosian's picture
Activity Score 273

i LOVE the idea.

the words could be crafted better.

TALENT, as i percieve is NOT a very BEER/BEVERAGE word.

but the idea rocks -- i like it.

Be awesome :)

wearmysocks's picture
Activity Score 1085

I think they probably mean the talent for creating the beer, and the talent of the rugby team. Pride in making something good etc.

Other than that, YAY WE WON THE WORLD CUP WOOHOO! But this ad is still a bit meh.

Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

mellowmarketer's picture
Activity Score 150

is it normal to hide half ur product in an ad?

tantrik_indian's picture
Activity Score 953

It's a good clean topical ad. Liked it.
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Old concept, but nice.

Home is where the Art is.