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October 2009

Advertising Agency: GPYR Brisbane, Australia

Print advertisment created by GPYR, Australia for RSPCA, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Show us some love. We'll return the favor. RSPCA

Creative Directors: David Joubert, Piet Human
Art Director: Adam Gower
Copywriter: Andrew Thompson
Retouch: John Shard
Account manager: Jess Hughes

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What does this mean? I can guess, but on the surface it kind of means "Hey Pets, we'd love you if you didn't track mud on the floor." Who are "us" and "we?" Pets, owners, the RSPCA? Very confusing.

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Not confusing at all, Guest.
Not really sure what you are talking about.

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But way too literal!!!

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What does this ad mean?

a) Show your pets some love. Your pets will return the favour. (This visual does not pay off this idea at all.)
b) Show the RSPCA some love. The RSPCA will return the favour.
c) Show your pets some love. The RSPCA will return the favour.
d) Allow the RSPCA to show your pets some love. Your pets will love them for it.
e) None of the above.

Is the visual supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing? The dog is voluntarily cleaning up after himself because he's loved? Or is he unloved and he's trying to clean up after himself to become loved? In all three of these ads, the pet is cleaning up after itself. I have yet to find a pet who demonstrates its love to me in this manner. And yet, all three "ideas" use this device, so I guess it has some meaning that is unclear. This ad is to cunning to be understood.

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Yeah, this is REALLY obvious to me. Us and we=the pet! Nice ad, and very cute dog!

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Does a dog have five fingers?

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A dog may not have five fingers....a glove sure does.

I think; therefore I am

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I wish I had done these. They are just awesome.

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Great work, boys. You've nailed it. To all the people who don't get it, please quit from advertising right now. Stick to digging holes or something.


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the point is not whether those in advertising will get it - will the reader/viewer get it? i certainly don't...

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Normally I'd say the only good dog is a dead dog* but where can I get one of these?

*before you petlovers start posting your angry comments; I was just kidding

Oh by the way, nice ad! 8/10

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Audrius Kubrik
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What is the insight here?

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this makes no sense. i get the "concept" but it is too far-fetched to be effective. at most, it elicits an "aww, cute/funny" response.

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Spacecadetglow - are you a client? Seriously? Have you not heard of exaggeration being used in advertising?

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exaggeration is great when it makes a point. when there is no idea in the ad, what is the point of exaggeration?

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good work... i like the direct connection

| everartz |

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what direct connection? i should love my pets? i already knew that. what does this ad tell me? what is the insight? a lot of people on this thread are saying they like it, but why?

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cute dog :)


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