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Oh dear, this says nothing to me at all. What have the bands got to do with the campaign?

Plus with all these of band names the reference to a firearm is a tool for a tokenistic message of peace. So in my opinion subverting them is pointless.

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Would be OK, if they had skipped the whole Word with a line like «For a future without arms.». But this is just boring.

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Es gratuito que la banda este, es recursero el aviso.

Jonathan Betancur

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Para mi esta buena la campaña. Capaz es un toque recursera pero es lo que yo hubiera hecho si tenía esa cuenta.

Quedó bien visualmente y el recurso está bien usado, porque responde a lo q se pide.

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There is no end with band name ideas in advertising. Boring. and these spezial idea is lame

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Student work, boring, first idea, predictable, art direction sucks, been done zillion times, etc etc etc, which means BAD.
Stop with the band names please!!!!!!!!!

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Lecter Lecaros
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ecuatorianos gueones

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By the way, why is Ecuador creating an ad for "RED ARGENTINA"??