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Duh.. no thought at all.

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Apparently the "guest" above worked on the work, that we can assume. But isn't our challenge as creatives is to be as creative as possible AND create results. This may very well have created results, the art direction is great, but the idea really isn't. Beautiful execution can only hide the lack of an idea to an untrained eye – which, inherently, the consumer is (in relation to advertising).

The gist of all this, nice art direction, good job on the results, but most of us would dream to do work for a client like SONY- do it justice.

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Here's my slant: Yeah, we don't see the brief and all that, but neither do the consumers. The "guest" has a point that this may have taken other things into consideration that we don't know about. That being said...

I would advise the "guest" to try to make a point instead of raging against commentary

And Brandon is correct, everyone here is looking at this as if they were oneshow judges, not Effie judges.

Just tellin' it like it is.