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Nice :)

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It's forced, but I kinda like it a little. Especially the boobs one. 4/10

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Ney Frances
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why forced? the zoom does exactlly what they show! the campaign is an hiperbole and a really good one! the twist is new and the image is fresh! what are your points? 7/10

is there life before death?

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First I don't think the image is that fresh, remember those glass cleaning done-to-death-ideas. And as you said is a hiperbole, used at its higher-level. To finish, if the lens touch the guy, it wouldn't be like this. Maybe I'm wrong and they invented a 2meters diameter photograph camera in India.

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haha...nice and fresh...

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I like the last one (girl)...the other 2 visuals are not worth a zoom, if u ask me...