Rock, paper, scissors

August 2006



I bumped this ad to the front again, because I was sent the full campaign with all four executions. I think the idea comes through stronger when I see all 4 together.

Advertising Agency: TBWA Chiat day, Los Angeles, USA
Creative Director: Jerry Gentile
Associate Creative Director: Doug Mukai, Brett Craig
Art Director: Paul Nguyen
Copywriter: Jason Rappaport
Photography: Markus Wendler
Art Buyer: Lisa Lee

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ar's picture
Activity Score 64

a little boring ...for a playstation ad

KJP's picture
Activity Score 44

I agree.

popdistortion's picture
Activity Score 1592

Looks a bit like student work to me. Worst playstation ad yet.

Mo's picture
Activity Score 648

psp is :-Please Stop Posting. :-P
( just kiddin arthur, never mind. Keep posting :-) )
psp= Playstation Portable

Zulu's picture
Activity Score 84

If this is the best Playstation work TBWA can do they don't deserve the account.

popdistortion's picture
Activity Score 1592

I don't want to offend anyone. But where is the idea? It is as if you show a ship and say "Travel beyond". Client is an airline. Really, this ad is bad.

Jrap90's picture
Activity Score 2


Zulu's picture
Activity Score 84

Actually, if I had come up with that I would not even have drawn in my notebook. It's student level work at best. And when compared to the legacy of truly great work done for this brand it fails to compare.

Yes, that was my ROCK to your SCISSORS.

ar's picture
Activity Score 64

i agree with you.. this ad fails to impress. the idea is still way on the surface.. another thing, most students i know could do better than this..

salamandos's picture
Activity Score 1947

I want to see those students (and their work) - they hide well usually.

vurtomatic's picture
Activity Score 364

Where in this ad does it indicate PSP? Anyway the other PS ads were much better. This is almost too literal for PS. "Play beyond" rock, paper and scissors by ... transforming your appendages into the "real" thing?'s picture
Activity Score 10

How about the back of a person facing a monitor with a spreadsheet and a pie chat... Leaning towards the monitor... shoulder twitches.. the camera zooms in slowly.. twitch.. twitch.. zooms more to show that he/she are actually playing a PSP..

The printed ad can be just a corner of the PSP showing from the employee's hand... Make that an executive..

jamirofan's picture
Activity Score 31

whats a psp???
whats a playstation?
whats an atari?
and a tv?

sorry i´m on vacations right now
too much free time

bandar's picture
Activity Score 26

I think that this idea is one of a kind cuz nobody thought that.... U the reader, you're the one who is holding the paper ...
VERY SMART PEOPLE ... no wonder they are TBWA\