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Another angle on the "This is what we do" campaign?

If so, I'm disappointed. The BBC has some wonderful things about it that make it unique. Undergoing hardship in foreign climes is hardly one of them. This could be for CNN / REuters / AN Other broadcast journalism network.

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chintan ruparel
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ivan, ur posting this...i don't believe it!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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This is good stuff. Insightful, convincing. What's wrong with it?

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i agree..i like these.

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I agree too. Even though the art direction still doesnt convince me, in terms of copy it does. Insightful.

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its good stuff alright.. but too much of the good stuff is also bad.. you know what i mean. wasnn't there a campaign last or last to last year in cannes with a handy-cam with shark teeth in it... and a repair man repairing it.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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haha, at least i like give a twist to the story and i like it. yes, insightful.
And i would prefer if they make the copy in a sort of "report" style, but not just a rectangle in this way.

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Insightful indeed. But what happened to the art direction? It's quite 80's, don't you think?

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these ads are not very new, ran quite some time ago, but they are good ads. n they r good bcoz the way they are. perfectly done for a a category like news. we shud think like an advertising guy first than like a copywriter or art director, n then these will come accross like good ads.

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Right. In terms of communication these ads work pretty well. Their copies are insightful and convincing enough.
The aesthetic and overall layout suck, in my opinion.

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I'd rather see a crazed, shirtless, mozzie-bitten dude covered in mud swinging an axe!

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i agree. very boring art direction. with these stories, it could have been much more interesting. It would have been nice if these shots would have been in the environment the copy was referencing.


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the art direction is weak. try harder next time.