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Red tape phenomena destroying projects. This ad calls to fight it.

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Mmmm... i didnt get it?

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I don't get this. Help please!!

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Red tape phenomena destroying projects. This ad calls to fight it.

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It's kinda just showing it.
It should be outraging us.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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For a very long time, Nova Scotia has been fighting against shopping on Sundays. Stores were fined heavily if they opened for business. They were divided on the issue as well. Younger folks didn't mind the idea and the older, more traditional people were against it.
I thought it was kind of nice that there weren't any malls open. It gave you a break from consumerism.
But, they finally passed the rule that you can shop every day of the week. Great.
I remember it being a big deal in Ontario, years ago, as well. People were up in arms about it.

I don't really care for the execution. It gives the impression that it was just red tape preventing businesses from opening, when it was partly people as well, and their traditions.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I got it immediately and thought it was a pretty nice call-to-action ad.
Since it appears to be a regional ad, and the audience is already aware of the issue at hand, it can afford to be stripped of all the added information and be so clean looking and eye-catching.
I also think it's cooly irreverent to engage in a fight against government bureaucracy with this kind of tongue-in-cheek comic sense. :)

That's just my $.02 from south of the border..

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These look great.

But that is sadly it.