Red ice

April 2007
 Red ice



Stop seal hunting.
Every year, 300,000 seals are killed on the Canadian ice.
International Fund for Animal Wildlife

Advertising Agency: Springer & Jacoby, Germany
Creative Directors: Dirk Haeusermann, Matthias Harbeck
Art Director: Sven Klasen
Copywriter: Toni Selzer
Photographer: Art Wolfe
Graphic: Anna Jass
Accounts: Julia Waldi, Steffen Behrends
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bigbadfatmadafaka's picture

mmm not even close to good.

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Creative Director |

There Is New Shit Under The Sun. There are still BigBadFatMadafaka ideas.

Spanky's picture

did someone ask you to post this? or did you post it just to fuck with us?

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advert2ad's picture

Be generous in your comments MR.Spanky......

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Other |


Spanky's picture


Activity Score 4899
Rog's picture

Overcooked the idea.
This has lost any drama or empathy it may have had.
It just looks trippy and weird.
It barely even says blood to me.

Activity Score 6080
Copywriter |

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

otto54's picture

I like that. stright to the point.

Activity Score 381
Art Director |

Advertising pass, pasta remain...

mrtalented's picture

'bloody' lame concept

Activity Score 2171
Creative Director
Spanky's picture

that wasn't quite a pun. but it was close enough to deserve a fine. $100 to you favorite local charity. thanks.

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spiderbear's picture

I think a lot of it could have been left to the imagination. I agree with Rog that it's overcooked. A little subtlety would have lifted it. The red just doesn't sit well, like it's a terribly hot sunset melting the ice caps. And there's really no reason given to stop killing the seals, apart from the fact that, well, it's inhumane and destructive. A bit more thought and craft needed, I suppose.

Activity Score 20
like.a.boy's picture

It doesn't look like red ice, more like red light are shining on it.
Btw the idea is weak.

Weak idea + weak visual.

Activity Score 227
Art Director
Stigset's picture

Yes there is blood when hunting (deer, seal, birds...) actually when I eat a steak there is blood as well, should I become a vegetarian? because in order to eat meat we have to kill an animal, no ? This ad doesn't really tell me why we shouldn't hunt seal more than other animals appart from the fact that blood flows when you kill an animal (whaow that's news!). Because it's an endangered species ? Not all seals are endangered, so wich one is it? The blood doesn't look like blood, and the ad is just lame and bad.

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Art Director
Beatboxer's picture


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Chris's picture


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Art Director
The italian patient's picture


The italian patient
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Creative Director
sk's picture

I like this great campaign. It is Art.

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Art Director
philippertl's picture

I like it a lot. Gets the message across perfectly and the image is very dramatic and cool as well.

For hire and desire ...

Activity Score 656
Graphic Designer |

Please vote for us!

Mtl Dave's picture

I like the image. But why stop seal hunting? It's so fun. I mean this ad is desinformation. Seals are not in danger at all in Canada.

Mtl Dave
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ellehcimeo's picture

Ouch. I don't like getting hit on the head with messages. This one is a bit over the top. Plus, um, isn't this a sign of the Apocolypse? Water turning into blood or something?

Activity Score 3376
Art Director
Barbz's picture

creepy art direction.

Activity Score 93
Art Director
jennywhx's picture

seriously, i don't even realize it is ice, until i read the title ivan had wrote.
red =/= blood, at least, i don't see blood here.

Activity Score 1142
Other | jwhx:Visionary

sk's picture

Die Klowände des Internets.

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Art Director
NITROXROX's picture

Same idea as an ad done by Saatchi's Singapore where they made the sea red in colour. Just won at AdFest I think.

Activity Score 130
Creative Director
puppiepoppy's picture


The Saatchi Spore stuffs are lame as well. Worst, they did a campaign of 3 out of the same execution. That, for them, is a campaign! In this case, Saatchi can come out with dozens of these ads....just feature different angle/ perspective of the same damn stretch of beach.

But it's good that they have some good buddies in the judging panels. It helps.

Activity Score 1634
Creative Director |

panasit's picture

Sometime people do not realized what a good ad is. It seems to me that a lot of people on this website, not just for this ad, but many others, keep screaming "been done before" or "bad art direction" or "it doesn't have anything to do with the product..." etc. etc.

Since there's no requirement of Bachelor degree in Advertising Design to post here, although I do see a lot of professionals here, I am starting to think that not a lot of people here know what is a function of an ad, and how can it be classified as "effective".

This ad catches my attention and is memorable, and it forced me to read the message. That's enough.
The art direction is ugly, and the concept is a bit lazy, but like it or not, the ad works. And it's not exactly selling something I may or may not want to buy here, it gives a message that I just have to take in. And I did.

Activity Score 687

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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