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November 2008

Print advertisment created by Publicis, Spain for Red Cross, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Perhaps you can't see us, but we are there.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Dialog Spain, Madrid, Spain
Creative Director: David Cavanilles
Art Directors: Jaime Campiña, Juan Hernanz
Copywriter: Alfonso Cuenca
Chief Creative Officer: Arturo Lopez

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All I can see is that the Red Cross ain't doing a thing here.

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second that. cool you are there, shoulndn't you do something?

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The girl and the plank of wood in the background make up a red cross. It's clever. Very subtle, but that's the point.

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yes. that's the whole truth. red cross usually has an office or a hangar in those palces. unfortunately it's only active when cameras are present.

so you're right and first two comments are right too: red cross is there - doing absolutely nothing with there subtle presence.

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it is excellent to have a giant's strength, but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant.

all i see is your trying to sell selling poverty with a pathetic approach.

why do you people need to sell the harsher side of a society! you take up responsibility as if do a favor and u say that you have done a favor is not a shame but a crime. whats worse, you display your crime with a touch of humanity.


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I love this one, but the other doesn't work as much.

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Social idea

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I like it!
The image is powerful!
For me, the red cross means life through their blood supply. The fact that their vital contribution can't be easily seen, but helps life go on. One could say the backstory is of either the woman or the young child being bathed. That their presence in such an ordinary part of life is because of a blood donation. It's safe to assume that one of them was very sick.

The Red Cross's presence takes on the imagery of everyday life helping it go on.
It's a subtle as the Red Cross formed by the woman and boards.

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I like it. I think is intelligent. And easy to take it. Powerfull. Great idea and cool art direction.

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I totally get it now. The red cross made of placement of people and things in the background is so subtle that you don't see it at first, but once you do it's totally cool. Great concept!

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Great work.

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that's too subtle to be seen and understood with a glance
prints are not meant to be perused
having said that, the idea was a great one