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where does the tear come from?¿?¿?...for student work has a nice photo and art direction though...
Smart and Funny Signature.

It's so easy to critic.

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i am sorry but it looks like something else. but clear.

Arnold Santillan

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Guest star

is that what 'yours' looks like?
seriously, i'd summon a doc man...

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Lee Harvey

Miami Ad School Simplemindedness at work. Bad job

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nice shot, but isn't visine to clear up red eyes?...why would you want to 'reclaim' tears?...don't get it....

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I dont get it. Whats Visine?

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Visine are some natural tears i guest

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just don´t get it

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Stop being confused and angry; pick one. There are a dozen different visine products that do a number of things. The tear should be closer to the tear duct/nose and not look like clear sperm. Besides that it's good.

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nice photo, the concept i dont get it


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I like it.

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it makes a little sense, because i guess her eyes are reclaiming or asking her for her tears, it says reclaim YOUR tears, then why Visine? Because of the visine natural tears? but if ur are asking for ur own tears, they are ur own the ones u want not the ones from a little bottle....i guess. I like the picture and all but it takes a while to understand......

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also, its known that when ur eyes tears its actually a good thing. AND visine is for red eyes but yea i agree with lovita

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do more

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excelente aviso . si lloras tus ojos se ponen rojos, visina revierte el proceso.

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I don't get the concept.

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good idea and execution thou, still the tear looks like a sperm!
geez man! this girl is damn beautiful!!!!!



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I think this is a brilliant concept. It's not that hard to understand: Visine is the closest you'll get to real tears.
Good job.

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michy crystal

i dont understand it all